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Record store finds.

In between a work thing and another work thing, I snuck in twenty minutes at Academy Records in Brooklyn. The selection seemed surprisingly picked over and the store, sadly, felt uncared for. In their defense, it was almost closing time (by the way, who closes at 9pm in Brooklyn on a Friday?).

Happily, I quickly spotted The Trypes re-issue/comp on Acute records. The packaging on that LP is completely immaculate. High quality and hand assembled. It’s one of those re-issues that makes you especially thankful for the vinyl resurgence. 

I also found (used) the great Fish the Holes on Frozen Lakes one-sided (etching on side B) BHP ep, from the era of the first two records on Touch and Go, when they were making soundtracks for ghost-towns in Westerns that were only in their minds and they may or may not have been the most interesting rock band in the world.